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Conquer Your Core, and ‘Vanquish’ Fat Cells Forever!

Vanquish™ is a non-invasive procedure which utilizes a hands-free device to eradicate fat cells without ever making contact with your body. Vanquish™ redefines your core using radio frequency energy to heat stubborn fat cells to the point of cell breakdown, transforming the cells into waste for elimination from the body. The procedure is virtually painless and each treatment session takes only 30 minutes with no downtime. If you are tired of battling love handles, muffin tops or other stubborn fat deposits around your core, Vanquish™ could be your solution!

Vanquish™ on “The Doctors”


Click the link below to view a segment from the popular TV show, “The Doctors”, which highlights Vanquish. This episode aired 3/31/14.

Vanquish™ was also recently highlighted on “The View”. Click below to view the video.

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Interested? Call us today for a consultation: (972) 543-2477.

How Does Vanquish™ Work?

The Vanquish™ device sends radio-frequency waves from outside the body, through the skin and into the deep tissues layers of the body. Because it uses radio-frequency waves, the process will not damage your skin or surrounding muscle tissue. The device specifically targets adipose (fat) cells, and heats the cells to about 112°F (14 degrees hotter than the normal body temperature). With this degree of temperature directed at them, the fat cells dissolve transforming them into waste. Over the course of a few weeks the body will naturally rid itself of the dead cells.

Who is the Best Candidate for Vanquish™?

Vanquish™ works best for people of normal or near-normal weight who are interested in addressing small collections of stubborn fat that do not appear to respond to diet or exercise. Vanquish™ is not a weight-loss solution, nor is it a replacement for liposuction.

What is the Treatment Process Like?

You will be placed in a comfortable reclining position. The device will then be placed over the desired treatment area. There will be no contact between your body and the device. The entire session will take about 30 minutes during which time you will feel a mild heat sensation. Following the procedure you may immediately return to your regular activities.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

At the American Institute for Plastic Surgery, we recommend between four to six sessions over the course of a few weeks.

How Long Does it Take to Notice Results?

Significant, visible results are typically noticed about two weeks following the treatment. However, it can take the body up to two months to eliminate all the affected fat cells.

Is Dieting or Exercise Necessary to See Results?

No, Vanquish™ is effective without diet or exercise. However, it is possible to gain weight following the procedure if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Do I Get Started?

The plastic surgeons at American Institute for Plastic Surgery are pleased to offer Vanquish™ to our patients. We are located in the Dallas, Texas / Plano, Texas area. If you are interested in learning more about Vanquish™ , contact us for a consultation.

Browse the photo gallery below for pictures of patients who have received Exilis Elite. To see the pictures in better detail, please click on any individual image.

Photos are not actual patients of American Institute for Plastic Surgery.

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