It is said that the hands reveal our true age. These important parts of our body endure a lot of wear and tear every day and need to be treated with TLC to prevent them from looking aged and weathered. We seem to focus on what it takes to keep our facial skin and even décolleté looking fresh, but what about our hands?

Look at the back of your hands right now. Do you see any brown spots that didn’t used to be there? Do they seem less “plump” or not as smooth as they used to be? There are some things you cannot change, but improvement can be achieved when it comes to matching the age of your hands with you face.

Treatment Options

Using a hydrating lotion that contains a glycolic or lactic acid can keep your hands supple and exfoliated at all times.

Photofacial treatments are a great way to rid your hands of discoloration and dark spots. Multiple treatments will help to lift and fade freckles or sun spots to give the skin on your hands a more even tone.

Injections, such as Radiesse, are being used for the treatment of volume loss on the back of the hand. This treatment can last up to a year and may require multiple treatments.

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