Women who aren’t happy with the size and projection of their breasts often decide to undergo a breast augmentation to enhance their appearance. A breast augmentation can provide a number of functional and visual benefits to women who choose to undergo the procedure. Some of these include improved breast symmetry, improved body shape, and better-fitting clothes.

Before you jump into the procedure, it’s important to know if you’d make a good candidate for a breast augmentation. You’re an ideal candidate if:

• You feel your breasts are too small
• Weight loss has changed the size and projection of your breasts
• You’re self-conscious about wearing swimsuits
• Your breasts are asymmetrical

If you feel like you meet any of the above qualifications, you should contact us to schedule a consultation at the American Institute for Plastic Surgery. One of our board-certified plastic surgeons will provide the support and help you need to obtain the body you’ve always wanted.