Damage is happening to our skin on a daily basis whether it’s due to extrinsic or intrinsic factors. From sun exposure, to our personal habits, to the foods and drinks we put in our bodies, we are constantly at risk for aging skin that seems to sneak up on us and say “Welcome to getting older”!

By “resetting” our skin we can protect it and combat this thing called aging. How do we do this? While some prefer the pampering surroundings of a spa environment when getting a facial, others opt for a treatment that gives them more medical-oriented results. Treatments performed at a medical spa or MEDspa are equally as important as your at-home regimen. A matrix of care is optimal for skin cell rejuvenation and can help you discover that glow that we all long for.

Treatments available at The MEDspa at American Institute for Plastic Surgery that can “reset” your skin are IPL’s (photo facials) and chemical peels. Both encourage cellular turnover which helps remove dead skin cells and brings new healthy cells up to the surface. A new study shows that having two IPL’s per year can improve the integrity of your skin and make it appear 10 years younger.

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