A smooth neckline enhances your overall appearance. A person with a firmer neck looks younger and more graceful as compared to someone with droopy and sagging neck skin. Sagging neck skin is a result of the following reasons:

  • Age and hereditary related factors
  • Excess fat on your neck
  • Losing significant weight
  • Reactions from certain medicines
  • Pregnancy

Neck Lift For Sagging Skin

Neck lift surgeries have gained prominence in the market due to their ability to lift the neck naturally and permanently. In a neck lift, the surgeon will make incisions on your neck and chin, adjusting your excess fat and muscles from the inside.

If need be, they will also remove your excess skin. This makes you look years younger, also giving the appearance as though you have lost quite a bit of weight.

A neck lift gives the following results:

  • Removes your turkey neck
  • Smoothens out the wrinkles on your neck
  • Smoothens out the ‘bands’ formed on your neck

You can choose from the following procedures depending on your problem area.

Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift surgery eliminates sagging skin from your neck. There are two kinds of neck lifts: cervicoplasty, which removes excess skin, and platysmaplasty, which tightens your neck muscles.

Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuctions are perfect for people who have double chins. If you are at a perfectly healthy weight, but still have a double chin, you should opt for liposuction to give yourself a more settled, graceful neckline.

Though liposuction liquidates excess fat, it cannot remove sagging skin. It is recommended that you opt for neck liposuction only if you fall under the younger age bracket, as you will have good skin elasticity.


The results from a neck lift will last you a lifetime, as long as you do not drastically gain or lose weight. Your incisions heal within two weeks, by which time you can go back to work. Expect to have tightness on your neck for a few months after surgery, especially if the procedure tightened your muscles.

Neck lifts restore balance to your facial features by defining your jawline and framing your chin and face. You should opt for a neck lift only if you are comfortable with the procedure. It is prudent that you consult your surgeon carefully to define your goals before advancing for the surgery.