In every plastic surgery procedure, there is a crucial first step that must be taken to ensure the best results. This may come in the form of pre-operative instructions, diet changes, medication changes, or certain procedures. In the case of a female to male plastic surgery procedure, one of the first steps is removing breast tissue. This procedure is known as a mastectomy, also referred to as top surgery.

To remove the breast tissue, surgeons may use a variety of techniques that include:

Bilateral mastectomy – This procedure involves the removal of all breast tissue and allows for proper placement and downsizing of the areolae.

Mastectomy combined with liposuction – This technique is best used on patients with lateral chest fatty tissue. It reduces the need for lateral chest revisions.

Peri-areolar subcutaneous mastectomy with a keyhole incision – Breast tissue removal through a small incision around the nipples. It can significantly reduce the occurrence of post-surgical marks.

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