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  • Highly Experienced & Dedicated To Our Patients

  • Highly Experienced & Dedicated To Our Patients

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Hair loss is a common issue that a lot of people have to deal with, but with the help of SmartGraft in Plano, it can be addressed effectively. Thanks to this cutting-edge hair-transplant technology, patients can have the full head of hair that they want.

How Does SmartGraft Work?

SmartGraft works via a process called Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. In FUE, hair follicles are extracted from areas where hair is still growing and then transplanted to thin or balding spots on the scalp. The transplanted hair follicles grow new hairs over time, filling out the area.

This hair-transplant technology is more precise than other methods. It also results in more natural hairlines and does not create a linear scar (unlike FUT hair transplants). SmartGraft results in faster recovery rates and is only minimally invasive.

Who Is in Need of SmartGraft?

SmartGraft is perfect for patients who want to address their hair loss without invasive surgical procedures or significant downtime/recovery time. Plano patients must be in good health and should have realistic expectations.

The Consultation

Patients will first come in for a SmartGraft consultation. This will involve answering questions about their hair-loss concerns, along with any past attempts at hair regrowth.

The patient’s scalp will be examined. They will be asked about their overall health and their complete medical history, including current medications and allergies.

The details of the procedure will then be explained so that patients will know what to expect going in. Asking questions about the procedure is highly recommended.

The Session

At the start of the SmartGraft session, after the ideal donor follicles have been identified, the target areas will be prepared. Once this is done, the follicles will then be extracted using the FUE device. They will be carefully and precisely transplanted to provide patients with the hair-transplant results that they desire.

SmartGraft Aftercare

Following the SmartGraft session, patients should rest as soon as they get home, ideally in a space that was prepared specifically for the recovery period. A dressing will be in place to protect the affected areas.

Instructions on how to care for the treated regions will need to be followed carefully. When sleeping, patients are advised to keep their heads in an elevated position. SmartGraft patients will return for follow-up appointments to ensure that healing is going as expected and that there are no complications.


“Gayla was so wonderful making sure I understood each step I needed to do for home care after my surgery. Also my visit included Dr Harris whom is so kind and takes time to answer all my questions.”


SmartGraft Cost in Plano

The price of a SmartGraft hair transplant is based on a number of factors. This procedure’s cost is often impacted by the number of hair follicles being transplanted, along with the number of areas being addressed and the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Schedule Your SmartGraft Consultation

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