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Alan Dulin, M.D.
Scott Harris, M.D.
Peter Raphael, M.D.
Alfred Antonetti, M.D.
  • Highly Experienced & Dedicated To Our Patients

  • Highly Experienced & Dedicated To Our Patients

Meet the Surgeons of Dallas' American Institute for Plastic Surgery

Our physicians routinely treat patients who travel to Dallas from across the United States and abroad. Why do people come to the Metroplex when they have access to local facilities in their own city or state? Patients understand the importance of choosing a center that is known for providing the highest level of artistic, technical, and professional excellence available in the field, along with the down-to-earth, caring approach that characterizes the doctors’ styles. Dr. Dulin, Dr. Harris and Dr. Raphael all place a strong emphasis on taking time to develop a genuine rapport with their patients and listen carefully to their needs and surgical goals. “We take a very personalized approach with each patient. It’s very important to be able to talk to your doctor, because many times patients are sharing their most personal concerns with us.” “We feel that the patient-physician relationship should be a team approach”. When we consult with a patient we first focus on a persons’ individual concerns and what they are trying to achieve. If their goals are realistic, we then make a structured surgical plan to help achieve their goals.” Integrity is also a hallmark of our surgeons’ philosophies. If a potential patient’s expectations are unrealistic or they want a procedure for the wrong reason, Drs. Dulin, Harris and Raphael feel it is their professional responsibility to advise against it. “Our first goal when we consult with a patient is to really get to know that person and assess whether or not they’re here for the right reason.” We have a staff of experienced health-care professionals who assist us in attending to patient care and comfort.

The Staff of American Institute for Plastic Surgery

Our administrative staff of trained professionals works to ensure your visit to the American Institute for Plastic Surgery is as pleasant and helpful as can be. Our staff will help you answer your questions about plastic surgery, schedule your appointments, provide you with the necessary forms to sign on your first visit, create a secure file for you, maintain the accuracy of your file, help facilitate your insurance needs, and ensure that the confidentiality of your file is maintained. Computer imaging specialists at the American Institute for Plastic Surgery will help you determine the ideal plastic surgery procedure for you through visual imaging techniques.