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  • Highly Experienced & Dedicated To Our Patients

  • Highly Experienced & Dedicated To Our Patients

Transgender Procedures

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Transgender procedures in Plano are important surgeries used to make changes that help patients’ bodies better match their gender identity. There is no set program for gender-affirming medical care—it varies for every person depending on what feels right and what they are comfortable with.

What Are Transgender Procedures?

Transgender procedures, or gender-affirmation procedures, are surgeries for patients with gender dysphoria. They help patients transition physically into their gender identity. There is a wide range of available surgeries that can change facial, body, and genital features. Patients can undergo one or more gender-affirming surgeries to match their gender identity.

Ideal Candidates for Transgender Procedures

Patients suffering from feelings of gender dysphoria are ideal candidates for these procedures. Patients are required to have lived successfully for a year in their gender identity after transitioning socially. They are also required to have undergone 12 months of hormone therapy.

Ideal patients are in good overall health with no underlying medical conditions that could hinder healing. The best candidates for surgery are non-smokers and are not obese.

Initial Consultation

Transgender surgery is performed as part of the treatment process for patients with “gender dysphoria” or “gender identity disorder”. From the time they were very young, transgender patients have felt that they were born with the wrong external genitalia. They view gender-altering surgery more as “gender confirmation surgery” rather as “sex re-assignment surgery”. In other words, they simply want their outward appearance to mirror the person they are inside.


All transgender-related surgical procedures are performed on patients only after appropriate psychological evaluation is in place, and it has been determined that the planned procedures are in the patient’s best interest and welfare. The Institute has an international reputation for for the quality and innovative surgical techniques provided to transitioning patients. Our transgender surgery techniques have been featured on several Discovery Health Channel and Showtime medical documentaries.

Learn more about our Transgender Procedures at The International Center for Transgender Care.

Recovery and Healing

Recovery after transgender surgery can take several weeks or more depending on the complexity of the procedures. Swelling, soreness, and bruising are commonly experienced. Pain can be alleviated by prescription medications.

For extensive surgeries, you must avoid strenuous activities for several weeks to ensure proper wound healing. Follow-up check-ups may be required after a few weeks.


Despite our efforts to coordinate with Medicare, we have been unable to communicate with any Medicare representatives who can guarantee approval and reimbursement for transgender surgery. In addition, no one offered contractual agreements with us to provide service. In our test cases with Medicare coverage, there continue to be denials of our claims. Until we receive confirmations of coverage and proof of reimbursement, the language suggests only a lifting of the ban. As a result, we cannot accept Medicare for transgender surgery at this time with such uncertainty still in effect.

Get in Touch

Find out about your options for transgender procedures in Plano so you can change your exterior to fit your gender identity. Contact the American Institute for Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation.