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  • Highly Experienced & Dedicated To Our Patients

  • Highly Experienced & Dedicated To Our Patients

Archive for July, 2019

Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Right for You?

There are many reasons why a patient would consider vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal rejuvenation is right for you if you have an enlarged, asymmetrical, or discolored vagina. Labiaplasty can put a stop to common day-to-day vaginal discomfort. After labiaplasty, activities such as exercise can be noticeably more comfortable. The labiaplasty procedure typically lasts a couple hours; […]

Why a Breast-Lift After Childbirth May Be Ideal for You

A mother may have many reasons for wanting to undergo a breast lift. Many new moms have experienced drooping or stretching from their chests after giving birth to their kids. Other individuals may just be suffering from sagging breast feeding their newborns. Sagging can result in discomfort and irritation during everyday physical activities. Droopy breasts […]

Is the Appearance of Your Vagina Affecting Your Self-Confidence?

Are you insecure about your vagina not appearing the way you want it to? If the answer is yes, you’re definitely not alone. Having a flattering vagina is a concern of many women. Having excess skin and a droopy vaginal area causes many to seek solutions. Excess labial tissue can also affect activities such as […]