That rosy glow on your cheeks, nose, and chin…not so pretty right! At first, you think it’s a natural normal skin flush, but it seems to linger and get worse…then better… worse…then better. Ugh…

Affecting about 14 million people in North America alone, rosacea continues to mystify and perplex physicians and researchers. One new theory is the Demodex mite that rosacea sufferers seem to be allergic too while others think it is hereditary. We do know that the two main aggressors are stress and extreme temperature changes. Some other contributing factors that can cause flare-ups are spicy foods and alcohol.

Ways to Treat Rosacea

IPL or Photofacial – A “no-downtime” light therapy that helps constrict vessels and tone down redness. It also helps to kill the P. acnes bacteria associated with acne rosacea. Multiple and ongoing treatments may be necessary for treatment of rosacea.

Topical Creams – Azelaic acid or metronidazole creams or gels are options for the control of rosacea. A skin care regimen for sensitive skin is beneficial as well. We love mybody Calm It down kit which is available at The MedSpa.

Unfortunately, rosacea is an ongoing battle. But, take comfort because with all of the ongoing research and development that companies are putting in to the treatment of rosacea, there are constant improvements in products and laser technology.

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