More and more men are becoming interested in liposuction as a means to sculpt or contour their body. Although almost any area of the body can be suctioned, the most popular areas for men are the neck, abdomen, flanks (love handles) and chest.

Fullness of the neck can make someone appear older and overweight whereas liposuction of the neck can often make someone appear younger and fit. As long as there is minimal looseness of the skin and muscles of the neck, great improvement in neck contour can be achieved with liposuction alone.

Depending on a patient’s body type and desired results the upper and lower abdomen may be liposuctioned at the same time in order to achieve smooth blending of the total abdomen. However, one must use caution with individuals who have poor skin elasticity in this area because poor planning can result in loose, sagging skin.

Also known as the “love handles”, the waistline, or flanks, is a very common problem area in men. Because this area is often well-defined with good skin elasticity, noticeable reduction in this area can be achieved with liposuction along with a possible decrease in waist size.

Finally, the chest is a common area for liposuction as it may become fuller and flabbier over time with a loss of muscle mass and decreased skin tone. If gynecomastia exists, liposuction may be recommended in combination with direct excision of the breast tissue in order to achieve optimal results.

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