Laser Therapy Plano

Recent advancements in laser technology have allowed cosmetic surgeons to provide patients with safe, minimally invasive, and effective treatments to address a number of cosmetic concerns. At the American Institute for Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of laser therapy treatments, including:

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment to rid patients of unwanted hair on the body. Our licensed healthcare professionals use a Sciton ClearScan Laser for the procedure, which heats hair follicles using infrared energy that selectively targets microstructures. The Sciton ClearScan Laser treats multiple hairs at once, making this removal process one of the quickest and most comfortable on the market today.All skin areas can be treated. Several sessions are necessary for optimal results. For more information on our laser hair removal services, please visit this page.

Scar Removal

We offer scar removal (or, scar improvement) using laser technology. These laser treatments are capable of reducing the appearance of scars–whether old or new–by up to 80 percent. The number of necessary treatments vary from person to person. Our licensed healthcare professionalscan advise you on the duration of treatment for your specific case. For more information on our scar removal services, please visit this page.

Laser Vein Therapy

If you have undesirable spider veins, we have a solution for you. Using laser technology, our healthcare professionals can rid you of both spider veins, and small veins on the face, neck and other areas. The procedure is quick, effective, and it has little to no recovery time. For more information on laser vein therapy, please visit this page.

Skin Tightening

During this gentle, non-surgical procedure, our licensed healthcare professionals use a Sciton SkinTyte Laser to tighten the skin. The Sciton SkinTyte Laser work by heating the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing the skin to contract (tighten). Results are noticeable immediately after treatment, however skin tightening continue to occur over the next few month. For optimal results, we recommend six treatments given 2-3 weeks apart. For more information on laser vein therapy, please visit this page.

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